Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Well those days took a while...


Well, things have been happening.  Since my last post, umm...  I've been on Pred (nearly off it now, thank the gods), and salofalk, and for a little while predsol suppositories.  I've also ended up on Nexium thanks to the Pred.  The Prednisone didn't affect me quite how it used to, but there were some similar effects (hello weight gain!) and a few new ones too.

The wonderful company who deals with the Humira here is Aus also decided to give me additional doses of Humira on compassionate grounds, so instead of one shot a fortnight I was on one a week.

All was going okayish until the last week to 10 days.  I'm down to 2.5mg of Pred, so barely anything.  Unfortunately it seems the Pred has been masking everything.  My inflammatory markers are creeping up again, my gut's insisting on pooping more often, and making it liquid and slimey to boot.  I'm fatigued, and for the first time as a symptom of Crohn's, nauseous too.

I saw the specialist this afternoon after work and discussed everything with him, and it's essentially lights out Humira.  Three years of mostly good times with that, and it's all over.  I see him again in three weeks to discuss how to go about getting on to Infliximab.  I'm mostly okay with that, except for two things.  One, it's one step closer to having bits of my guts hacked out, and two, there's the whole sitting in a hospital for a day every eight weeks.  Guess if it works it'll be worth it though.

Anyway, that's the short story of the last few months.  I'll try and put talk a bit more regularly, but really, who am I kidding?  :)

Hope everyone's well.

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