Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Spoon Theory

I figure it doesn't overly matter that I don't post here that often, seeing as I just do the same old stuff all the time. Recently though, been doing even less, just work, sleep, work, sleep, staggering around like a zombie, sleep.

Have been feeling kinda awful lately, the fatigue has crept up on me again, and I've not got the energy to really get out of the house. I have a shower, drive to the shops ten minutes away, wander around for half and hour, drive home and I'm buggered. And throwing in a headache that I've had for at least two months now just isn't helping. So firstly I'm feeling like crap because of all of that, and secondly I'm having to turn my friends down for so many things, even simple things like the book club that we have once a month just drain the bejeebus out of me.

Being all miserable with the tiredness has had me thinking, and it made me remember reading something awhile ago. Not sure if someone here on the blog-o-sphere linked to it, or if I staggered across it on google, but figured I'd link to it here. I think it's the best way of describing to people how I live, why I have to turn things down, why sometimes I can manage something, but mostly I can't.

The Spoon Theory.  Perfectly explained, at least in my eyes, and can very easily be used for other illnesses, not just Lupus.  For me, my fatigue is the main "spoon user".  And just for the record, I've used half of my last spoon of the day to type this, the other half will be used to get myself into bed and turn a few pages in a book.  :)

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  1. I came across that same spoon story a couple years ago. Now my husband and I use it to refer to my energy level.
    "How's your spoons today hon?"
    "Almost gone. I need a hug."